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KBSA | Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom Specialists Association
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The KBSA (Kitchen Bathroom and Bedroom Association) and its independent, specialist retailers and manufacturing members will help you design, purchase, update and improve your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or home office, by providing ideas, inspiration, advice and easy access to over 300 fully accredited, independent specialists in the UK via its find a specialist facility.
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By neilo at 2014-12-04 22:03:05 :

My kitchen refurbishment started on the 13/10/2014 and is not finished yet 4/12/2014 the installation company who are members of KBSA are North East Interiors, (Aberdeen) Unit 1 Murcar Industrial Estate Denmore Road, Bridge of Don Aberdeen. Aberdeenshire AB23 8JW Tel 01224 820944. The most serious complaint I have is the gas leak we were left with, which could have blown up my house and killed myself and my family. due to the actions of the owner and boss of this company. A man by the name of Raymond, when the company came to install my worktops and splash backs, the gas appliances and water taps had not been disconnected, to allow these workers to carry out their work, to say the least these people were not happy. So I called NEI and spoke to Raymond and said we need the appropriate trades men out to disconnect these appliances, to which his reply was, let me speak to these fitters, who were badgered into having to disconnect the said appliances, to which I asked these gentlemen if they were gas safe registered to which they replied NO, I told Raymond these people were not registered to carry out this work, He said he would come out to the job to see what all the fuss was about. When he arrive on the job I explained that these people were not gas safe registered to carry out this work, and Raymond proceeded to disconnect the gas and water himself, he would not say if he was gas safe registered only that he had been fitting kitchens for over 20 years and knew what he was doing. Obviously he did not. As today we had the gas board out as my wife and my self have been having sever headaches since the kitchen refurbishment started, my wife had always said she could smell gas, but it wasn't until today that I smelled gas also and agreed to get the gas network out to check for a gas leak, which they confirmed as being very serious, and we were lucky not to have had our house blown up, and we could have been seriously injured, or worse. The gas network disconnected my newly fitted oven and left it on the kitchen floor disconnected my newly fitted gas hob, which has left us without any cooking fasillities. How this company can be an accredited member of your organisation is beyond me, as they clearly have no consideration for the safety of there customers. I have a list of other complaints, ie the splash backs being incorrectly fitted these were fitted leaving a gap of 6cm at the top, when this was pointed out we were first told by Raymond, we can put in a piece of trim in to camouflage this, then it was we will fit another bottom piece to your units this will hide the gap. Then when Raymond came out his attitude was we can fix that with a piece of trim but it will have to be ordered from Germany, as that is where the units came from, these were Schuller units. Then we had the poorly fitted led ceiling lights, the answer to that was we will put on bigger rings and that will cover the gaps that can be seen when you look at the edges of the lights and the ceiling. Then there is the poorly fitted splash backs round the kitchen window, these spaces, we were told could all be filled in when the snagging was done, this is supposed to be a new kitchen, should it have needed any snagging done? Then there is the noise made by the expel air fan, we were told we will fit a baffle in to it that will compensate for the noise it makes, due to the wind rattling the fan cover, then we were told we are not fitting a baffle now, we will try something else? Surely a reputable kitchen and bathroom company the likes of which this company claimed to be, should not have had these many faults in the first place? Then they proceeded to lay tiles on my conservatory floor, the person they sent to do this job was not a tiler but said he was a joiner, well he laid the tiles but didn't do a good job on the grouting when asked if he was going to put a second coat of grouting down, he replied no 1 coat was all that was required, but on finishing the job and leaving our house, he did not tell us he had pulled the right hand side of the radiator off the wall, when we noticed this some 2 hours after Gary had left our house we called NEI and told them what we had noticed, they were going to send Gary back to repair this, to which I replied if he could sneak off like a thief in the night, I did not want this man back in my house as I had no faith in him, so they sent a plumber round to do the job, which apparently Gary said he did not do? Also we were told by Raymond that all our snagging would have been completed if we would have allowed Gary back into our house. Which is not going to happen, would Raymond have allowed Gary to repair this gas leak also, as he seems to have scant regard for his customers safety. This is now day 52 and my kitchen is still not completed, when will this end. I called NEI this afternoon and asked to speak to Raymond only to be told he was not available but they would get him to call me asap, this also has not happened. I look forward to hearing what KBSA has to say about this. Also what North East Interiors have to say. Regards Neil Manson.

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